The Tomb

It has been a while since I have written poetry, but I managed to capture my recent experience in verse again! I hope you enjoy it

A white frost covered the roses
Laying by the tomb of drawers

Each one filled with memories
Stored away but never lost.

Frequently I returned
And stared at the empty doors

Wandering off to what could have
Replaced the hollow air inside.

But gradually I left the tomb behind
Wandering around as the returning sun
Melted and scorched the velvet reds

Which I, upon my sole return, removed
With the petals that they left behind.

I turned around determinedly
And had the tomb in mind

Resolute not ever to return
And to leave the tomb behind.


Scars on my reflection
As I stare at my complexion

A sightless pair of eyes
Observe a human pretending a disguise

His former self’s unlucky fate
Twists his soul to Satan incarnate

Who speaks to it in subtle lies
As it tries its own shape to devise

But all it can express
Is a body with a soul so heartless.

Ode to the Romantics

Upon this sun-bright day I will have sung
Of one’s self, created in ages young
When one does not yet use their tongue—
From thence this song has sprung.

Oh, the appalling and repressing quality
Of that little place they dare to call a city!
And oh, there rests the burden of expectations weighty—
Having nobody to please sets one free!

When on one’s very own devices
A beauteous opportunity arises
Of attending to my virtues and my vices
Exploring all that my soul entices

Despite, yet owing to Keats and Wordsworth
I do not reject, but experience a rebirth
No longer trodding the earth
In innocence, rather I experience my worth

How awfully fluctuant is that feeling
The process of spring’s spiritual healing—
I hope that the sun to me can bring
An ecstasy—the feeling of a king!

“Phantom” Regret by Jeff

28 February 2022

Always a question of how do I make you love me?
But it could not be

We were best friends
At least to me, but now it feels like it ends.

You were my hero
And I’ll always be less than zero

And here we go… again
Hurting you with my own pain

Don’t break my heart
I tell myself, but regardless it falls apart

Our friendship I don’t want to sacrifice
It’ll be a fool’s paradise

Is there someone else? There is, yes
And that is causing me starry eyes

And now we’re out of time
So take my breath and make it last forever
Pour out the gasoline
As the hurt can reunite us never.

Was It…

Started March 18, finished March 26, 2022

A move in anticipation
Unconscious in consideration?

A new attraction
Against the friction?

An entry by a happy chance, now
A forerunner of a stranding prance,

A precursor of the climactic dance?

This fucking cold lake

This is supposed to be a funny ironic one

The occasional cold breeze down my neck
Makes the hairs stand up straight
And the goosebumps grow faster than the pimples on my forehead

The ducks they give no fucks
They quack at all times

In the water that’s even fucking colder
Than this terrible wind
That brings about a terrible cold

And I’ll be sniffing all fucking day
Thinking I’ll have covid;
I can’t have this shit

But at least I’m suffering in company
So on my pimpled goosebumped face is at least some glee

Saxophones and Rumbling

Wailing notes over drums
Overshadowed by the rumbling
On my eardrums

A jam unexperienced before
When white noise was not yet annihilated
By colourful tunes

As the song of life receives its
Features again
And goes from piano to forte

In a contrast to the empty air of
The streets now drumming with the clacking of heels
And the horns sounding all over

As the wailing of dogs
Enrich the harmony
Created by the makeshift musicians of the world

Navigating Compassion

North I cannot go
That is the way to sorrow

So is moving to the East
I’ll rather go where it hurts the least

The South is not where I can travel
I don’t want that direction for me to unravel

Left over is the very West
It seems the option that is best.

To watch the sun go down
While trying not to drown

But to know as the sky turns ashen
That the sun will rise again
A new chance to reduce the pain.
All I need is to navigate with compassion.